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Courtland Cares

A Retreat for Caring & Learning

A Retreat for Caring & Learning

Committed to providing A tranquil respite to those in transition from military service, and leveraging our property to support other charities who support our local Loudoun County community


CRHL (Courtland Retreat for Healing and Learning), a 501(c)(3) Charity, was formed in 2018 for the distinct purpose of sharing the experience of healing and learning at Historical Courtland Farm.

​Breathtakingly beautiful and hosts of a wide variety of ecosystems across its vast 100 acres. CRHL mission is to provide therapeutic recovery and relaxation for military families, first responders, families experiencing or recovering from tragedies, illnesses and loss. CRHL also provides agricultural and STEM learning for underprivileged children.

CRHL was founded by a small group of individuals comprised of U.S. Military Veterans, educator’s and local community members. CRHL was started for the intent of offering thanks and therapeutic recovery and relaxation to our military families who have sacrificed so greatly for our own personal freedoms and safety. CRHL expanded its charity to first responders and families recovering from natural and personal tragedies. Services were further extended to underprivileged children who could benefit from our vast agricultural landscape and STEM learning program.

CRHL is located on the historical Courtland Farm. Established in 1936 the property was part of a subdivided equestrian farm. Courtland is now a private residence, a farm and host an educational center, a demonstration site, a community center, community garden a nature park, a campsite, workshops seminars and more. It is an idea place to provide our military families, first responders, families in need and underprivileged children with the environment and resources necessary for healing, learning, relaxation and recovery.

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