The Manor at Courtland Farm

Short Term Rental/ Blank Canvas Use Policy Change


CFM is pleased to announce our new short-term rental and Blank Canvas use policy. The emergency use of three vaccines, the decline in the infectious rate and movement to herd immunity has enabled CFM to revise its short rental policy.


On March 13, 2020, CFM was notified of the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Declaration. The governor of Virginia began to implement restrictions of public and private gatherings in Virginia. CFM closed its venues March 21, 2020. CFM re-opened May 21, 2020, no longer offering individual room rentals or multiple bookings, adhering to the new Covid-19 restrictions. CFM closed its operations again October 1, 2020 due to the increase in the virus infectious rate and ongoing restriction by the governor of Virginia. CFM will soon re-open its short-term booking/ property use operations.


Effective May 1, 2021, CFM will reinstate its single room rentals and multiple bookings. CFM will continue to monitor and revise its policy in correlation with Virginia restriction. All bookings made prior to March 1,2021, will be revised to reflect the policy change, or be offered a full refund.


CFM will continue to adhere to all CDC cleaning guidelines and will mandate mask wearing while gathering inside our facility common areas.


All CFM Staff have been vaccinated for Covid-19.


The Manor at Courtland Farm