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Gate Code/ Key Pad Access

Property must be entered and exited via route 15 only.

Gate Code: 0021 



courtland2:        Hummerh2 

hug2g724367: funny76spend

hug5g724367: funny76spend

Building Key Pad

Manor house/ Mansion Front Door: 9258 * Cottage Front Door (Driveway side) 9704

Room Access

Presidential Suite:  4260

Upper Room: 4858

Garden Room: 7928

Plaza Room: 7163

Historical Scenic Room: 7529

Historical Plaza Room: 9826

Historical Garden Room: 8168

Basement Center Room: 2508

Basement Plaza Room: No key pad

Basement East Room: No key pad

Cottage Scenic Room: No key pad

Cottage Plaza Room: No key pad

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