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Inside Lights:

All inside lights are located on the wall next to door entrance of each room.

Foyer Lights to left of entrance leading to the front door

Stairwell lights are located to right of entrance leading to the front door.

Exterior Lights:

Manor house/ Mansion:


Inside to right of front door. First switch

Inside to right of kitchen exterior door and outside kitchen double exterior door.

Inside exterior wall next to Men’s commercial bathroom. 3rd Switch.

Inside basement exterior door by theatre room. Switch on side closest to exterior double door.

Inside to left of sliding glass door by Piano. 3rd Switch.

Inside hallway next to exterior door leading to presidential Suite. 2nd switch.

Inside Presidential suite. To right of exterior double door. 1st, 2nd and 3rd switch.

Inside on wall next to right of desk outside of fitness center. 1st Switch.

Inside to right of sliding door in entertainment room. 1st and 2nd switch.

All Deck and Ground lights turn on automatically at dusk



Inside to left of kitchen exterior double doors. 1st switch

Inside main exterior single door behind couch.

Inside Laundry Room on left wall.

Pool light switch located on gray pillar above steps leading to Cottage kitchen



Switch located to left after entering.


Extra Light bulbs are located in the Foyer Hall Closet.

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