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                                                 THERMOSTAT (NEST)

Both Air Condition and Heat are controlled via Nest Thermostats.

All Thermostats must be set in a range between 68 -73 degrees Fahrenheit

Press "Mode" to select "Cool" or "Heat."



1) Behind front desk:

Controls main foyer, hallway, , hallway Powder Room, living room, formal dining room and Presidential Suite.


2) 3rd floor hallway above front desk:

Controls Upper Room, Garden Room, Plaza Room, hallway Powder Room and 3rd Floor hallway.


3) Basement (poolside) on wall, left side of big screen:

Controls Basement Bedrooms, Fitness Room, basement Powder Room, Laundry Room, half kitchen,

Conference/Common Area, Entertainment Room.


4) President Dining Room:

Controls President Dining Room, Restaurant Dining Room, Bar/ Lounge / Piano Area, Commercial Bathrooms, Historical Garden Bedroom, Theatre Room, Basement sitting area.


5) Top of stairs outside Historical Plaza Bedroom:

Controls Historical Plaza Bedroom, Historical Scenic Bedroom, hallway.

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