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Too Inflexible for Yoga? Call Us!

Beginner Bikram Yoga Classes start Saturday May 25, 2019 at Courtland Farm in Aldie, Virginia.

Sunrise Saturday and Sunday Classes will be held 9-11 a.m. A Saturday Sunset Class will be held 6-7:30 p.m. Courtland Farm is located behind River Chase Stables off Hwy 15 north of Hwy 50 in Aldie, Virginia.

Pre-Register Online at
on the MINDBODYonline app at Bikram Yoga Middleburg to reserve a space TODAY! Questions?

C a l l ( 7 0 3 ) 4 3 9 - 4 4 0 3 o r e m a i l Classes $25 per person.

Yoga National was founded on the Bikram Yoga program which includes 26 postures repeated twice with 12 standing and 14 floor postures in a heated room (105 degrees Fahrenheit) with carpet and mirrors and 40 percent humidity to help detox the body.


Bikram Yoga Middleburg is a small studio among the 1200 Bikram studios globally and 13,000 instructors worldwide. The niche created in Middleburg caters to private and small group yoga instruction of 2 to 20 indoors or more outdoors.


Patricia Gavin trained as a Bikram instructor as a military veteran and holds a BA in Radio/TV and Aerospace Science and MBA in eCommerce and Hospitality Management. She served as a Air Force public affairs officer and received a Bikram scholarship to train as a teacher. She is teaching private yoga lessons and for the Kirov Academy of Ballet. She has taught in hotels and yoga retreats in Vermont and Costa Rica and as a volunteer at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. .


The studio is based in Middleburg, Virginia with the goal to offer classes, workshops, posture clinics, retreats and special events related to the $30 billion dollar global yoga industry. Additionally, Yoga National develops products in addition to the services offered by the studio. These products include apparel and yoga props made from recycled textiles and sustainable materials with the goal of creating zero waste. Yoga National has hosted events since 2015 to include posture demonstrations at the W Hotel in Washington with Macy’s Fashion Foundation and Thos Moser furniture.


In Middleburg the first Posture Clinic held in March at the the Cider Distillery included ballroom dancers, the executive director of the Kirov Ballet and personnel from the National Gallery of Art, Broadway Entertainment lawyers and Georgetown University Integrated Health Professionals and State Department foreign exchange student professionals. The goal is to make Middleburg the center and Olympic Training Center for USA Yoga to make it an Olympic Sport

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